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    53T7Ain tube

    Infrared light emitting diode(53T732D14IRC-60)Diode is high strength,Use clear transparent plastic packaging,This device can be used for phototransistor、Photodiode and infrared receiving module。Infrared photoelectric diode(5...

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    Patch light-emitting diode(3528URC)Encapsulation structure is to use small size,Has the higher packing density,In order to can reduce the footprint,It is convenient to be used in small devices。 This product is suitable for automated assembly can be perfect little feet...

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    Photoelectric diode and the pre-amplifier assembly to aPINLead frame and sealing glue into a black epoxy resin coating, infrared filter。Demodulation output signal can be directly by the microprocessor decoding。

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    Light reflected light electricity switch consists of gallium arsenide IR-LED Emitter and aNPN Phototransistor and short distance high sensitivity of the receiver,Parcel converging optical axis side by side,Wrapped in a black plastic body heat

  • RoHS

    As the global attention to environmental protection,To meet the requirements of customers strict product environmental protection,Fu yu company passedRoHSLead-free harmful material management system,All products comply with European Union officialRoHSDirective requirements,And get the recognition of the broad masses of customers。
    Fu yu to ensure provideRoHSTest report is the latest version,The report is valid from the date of inspection the whole year。Lead-free packaging carton and indicate the products comply with the minimum packagingRoHSThe requirements of environmental protection logo。

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  •     Heyuan city, fu yu photoelectric technology co., LTD(The original:Guangzhou panyu district rich yu photoelectric equipment factory),2006Founded in guangzhou, China。The company is a professional engaged in the applicationLEDEncapsulation,Collection of scientific research、Development、Manufacturing and sales for the integration of innovative high-tech companies。
        The company introducesASMAutomatic solid crystal machine、ASM...

  • The production workshop

    Brand new2Thousands of square meters standard workshop and dust-free workshop level

    To introduce the most advanced automatic production equipment at home and abroad

    Develop full range of high qualityLEDPhotoelectric products

    Has a many years engaged in the photovoltaic industry research and development、The management team

    Research and development laboratories

    The company throughISO9001(2015),ISO14001,

    RoHSAnd other international authoritative organization certification,Has a strong

    The research and development team、Advanced experimental equipment and perfect quality

    Management process,Ensure the products with high quality。Professional team to provide

    Professional technical support,...

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